Professional floor screeding from Flow Screeding Services Ltd

The thin, top layer poured over concrete flooring, screeding is a complicated job, the application of which is often best left to professionals. A vital layer in many modern construction builds, screed provides a level over structural concrete on which insulation or a top finish can be applied. But finding a firm capable of delivering reliable and professional results is hard than you might think.

Smooth, professional floor screeding

Specialising in some of the most reliable floor screeding, Flow Screeding Services Ltd utilise some of the very latest products to provide quick and cost-effective screeding for a wide variety of clients, operating in both domestic and commercial environments.

The new generation of screeding product, liquid screed comes with a number of benefits over traditional screed, being quick to lay (in roughly 25-25 minutes) and featuring a higher flexural strength, which means it can be laid much thinner – a great alternative to traditional sand and cement screeds.

High-quality screed preparation and environmental safety

Flow Screeding Services Ltd aim to provide each client with the professional service they need, and undertake a pre-installation site survey to assess the project. Using laser technology to set the finish level of screed and flow-testing the screed before application means that any problems can be addressed before it’s too late.

Once pumped, the floor screeding is then dappled to ensure all trapped air is removed, before being dappled again to produce a smooth, flat finish. Gyvlon floor screeding products (the products used by Flow Screeding Services Ltd) are protein free and environmenally friendly, manufactured in a controlled environment to conform to BSEN 13813:2002 standards.

Find out more about the high-quality floor screeding from Flow Screeding Services Ltd, visit them online today and ensure that your projects benefit from professional, cost-effective services.



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