Dodge Ram South Africa

The Dodge Ram is a type of vehicle manufactured by Chrysler. It is a full-sized pickup truck, that has won Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year award three times. Dodge Rams were first manufactured in 1981, since then there have been four generations of Dodge Rams. This article takes a look at where you can buy Dodge Rams in South Africa.


It is worth noting that new legislation just passed states that all left-hand trucks are no longer allowed to be imported into South Africa. However, some companies are able to convert the Dodge Ram to a right-hand drive before importing it into the country.


The first place to look is in large dealerships, particularly those that specialize in importing American vehicles. You can find these dealerships by typing ‘Dodge Ram South Africa’ into your search engine. You can also try looking through the Yellow Pages for specialist local car dealerships.


One of these companies is DR Trucks. They currently offer three types of dodge rams: 1500 petrol, 2500 petrol and 3500 petrol. Each of the Dodge Rams are available in either regular, quad or mega cab models. DR Trucks are located in Richards Bay, and they can be contacted by telephone or email.


If you want to purchase a second-hand Dodge Ram, then you can try looking on the Autotrader website. People will display photos and details of the Dodge Rams that they have for sale directly on the website. You should always take a trip to visit the car in person before you purchase it, just to make sure it works properly, and that it comes with the correct documentation.


Another place to look in on large auction sites, such as eBay. They work by people bidding on an item, and at the end of the auction the highest bidder wins. You can use the advanced search feature to look for Dodge Rams that are located within a certain distance of your postcode. Only ever purchase cars from people that have a good feedback rating. Again, it is always recommended that you view the car before bidding on it.



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