Forget camping, try glamping with Campervan Hire UK

We’ve only been camping on a handful of occasions and every time we’ve pitched our tent we’ve been unlucky with the weather. So when we were considering a long weekend break away recently we decided to ditch the tent and give Motorhome Rental a try instead. Campervan Hire UK is really popular at the moment and having experienced it firsthand I can see why. It’s tons of fun when you hire a motorhome through a company that provides Campervan Hire UK and you can go anywhere that you like. Campervan Hire UK caters for all party sizes, there were four of us travelling and for a little luxury we opted for a five-berth motorhome. However if I was travelling with just my partner I’d have opted for a smaller vehicle from the Campervan Hire UK company.

It’s ever so easy driving a Motorhome Rental

I thought I’d be nervous behind the wheel of a Campervan Hire UK for the first time but I was actually very relaxed. Sat there behind the wheel of the Campervan Hire UK you have a brilliant view of the road and the large mirrors on the vehicle make it easy to see what’s behind. Driving a Campervan Hire UK is just like driving any other van. The big difference is you don’t get a load of luxuries with a normal van but you are given a real home from with a Campervan Hire UK. We couldn’t believe how well equipped with the Campervan Hire UK, it really was a brilliant motorhome.

And it’s really simple to organise!

We booked our Motorhome Rental through and as the name suggest, they were pretty unbeatable on price. We sailed through the online booking process and chose the perfect Campervan Hire UK for our mini break. Basically to get a quote you just enter the pick up point for the Campervan Hire UK and the hire start date. Select how long you want the Campervan Hire UK for, the number of drivers there will be and the size of the vehicle you require. It’s that simple and it ensures you receive the Campervan Hire UK you want with a vehicle that’s tailored to you needs.



Campervan Hire UK from For all of your motorhome and caravan hire requirements at unbeatable prices and quality, why not check out our Motorhome Rental.