Using a professional shopfitting company

Shopfitting is a service that all retail outlets will require in order to kit out their shops safely and effectively to make them appealing and easy for customers to use. There are many companies who provide a professional shopfitting service and they will be able to fit out all kinds of retail outlets as well as other business premises. In order to get the perfect layout, fixtures and fittings for a retail premises shop fitters will need to work closely with their clients to understand their business and the vision they have for the layout and flow of their premises. This way the shop fitters can design, plan and install a layout that will work for both the retailer and the customer and one that is safe and where there is no risk of injury.

There are many health and safety considerations to take into account when it comes to shopfitting and the shop fitters should be well aware of all current guidelines so the customers can be safe in the knowledge that their shop fittings will comply with all safety policies. Some shopfitting companies will specialise in buffer systems and custom made profiles. These can be custom made to fit around counter areas, fridges, display units and in other locations to stop shopping trolleys and customers bumping into units and causing damage to themselves or the counters. Buffer systems help to make shops much safer for customers and they can help to extend the life of shop fittings by offering protection against common damage. Some shopfitting companies will also sell a range boot decking for both commercial and private boats.

Boat decking will prevent boat floors from becoming slippery when they are wet as this is a common problem on-board any type of boat. Modern boat decking solutions like shopfitting solutions are designed with safety in mind and there are many different styles and types of boat decking to suit customers requirements. Boat decking is designed to look like wood and has a slightly textured surface to make it non-slip.



Shopfitting by Wilks is a British extrusion company established in 1973. Visit their website today if you’re looking for boat decking.