Boost your Winter equine nutrition plan with horse supplements

There are many reasons for using horse supplements. Fresh grass or hay may be in shortage during the winter months, animals may need more nutritional care due to age or because they’re working hard and require extra food. Finding reliable nutrition aids is easy with SP Equine Health and Herbal. We specialise in animal health products, particularly natural horse supplements.

Equine nutrition plans can often need extra thought and planning in Winter. Horses are susceptible to illness in Winter just as any other animals is. To ensure they don’t succumb to bugs or injuries it’s important to ensure your horses are healthy and fit. You can find horse supplements to combat a range of problems common among equine groups.

Powerful liquid mixtures that aid in recovery from coughing or other respiratory problems can be purchased, such as No Wheeze. No Wheeze is a natural liquid health aid that opens the wind pipe and clears the airways. The equine sufferer will have relief from wheezing, coughing and difficulty breathing. Eucalyptus and liquorice will sooth irritation and any inflammation caused by wheezing.

Another of our popular horse supplements ideal for common Winter problems is No Bute. This is popular because it offers a natural alternative to Phenylbutazone, which is used to relieve the pain of inflammation in joints and bones. Phenylbutazone is not suitable for long term treatment though whereas No Bute is safe to use over an extended period of time.

For older horses Winter is particularly precarious time for their health. Giving nutritional horse supplements, like ImmuBoost, at this time of year should help aging animals fight off bugs naturally. ImmuBoost uses a powerful Echinacea mixture to bolster the immune system. Natural horse supplements work with the animal’s normal defences, rather than weakening them by taking over.

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