OEM or third-party Canon printer cartridges ?

If you’ve purchased a discounted printer, you may well be over the moon with your product until it’s time to replace the ink cartridge. Some of the low price tags attached to printers can be misleading, with the costs involved in actually using the item being considerably more than you might think. OEM cartridges (the ones made by the original manufacturer of your printer) can be vastly expensive, and if you’re using your printer regularly, you may find that quite a dent into your bank balance is made.

Vast options available

Third-party cartridges are a highly affordable alternative to OEM cartridges, and providing you shop wisely when looking for new ink for your Canon printer, you may well find that there’s no sacrifice to be made at all. You have three options when it comes to third-party cartridges. You could acquire a compatible cartridge which has been manufactured by a different company to the original cartridge or choose to have your existing cartridge refilled by a third party. Thirdly you could acquire a remanufactured cartridge – an old OEM cartridge that has been restored and refilled.

Many have found third-party ink cartridges to be a welcome alternative to branded products, but if shopping online it is important to assess the reputation of the supplier and perhaps take a look at past reviews of their services to gauge the quality of their service. If they are held in high esteem, chances are that their products will be of high quality too. If unsure about which cartridge is right for your printer, a reputable company will allow you to contact them in order for them to source the ideal third-party cartridge.

Still under warranty? Read on…

However, if your printer is still under warranty, you may wish to seek replacement cartridges OEM Canon cartridges. This is because you’re not usually covered for damage caused by third-party cartridges, so if your cartridge does fail and your printer is affected you may find yourself with no option other than to replace your printer. Nonetheless, in the vast majority of circumstances you can usually enjoy third-party ink cartridges without facing any problems at all.



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