The role of Air quality consultants

Air quality consultants will offer professional services to clients who require one off or regular air quality testing. Air quality consultants and environmental consultants work mainly in large cities and densely populated areas and air quality consultants are often required by local authorities to assess the air quality of developments that are close to local roads or developments that may contribute large amounts of traffic to the road network where the air quality in that area is already poor. Air quality consultants and environmental cons will be experts in their field and they will have all the latest equipment and expertise to be able to provide accurate and reliable air quality testing. Environmental consultants will commonly work with air quality consultants on similar projects. During air quality testing air quality consultants will look at the site suitability and they will determine if sites are suitable for residential development by assessing how close it is to sources of pollutants that lower air quality.

Air quality consultants and environmental consultants will also carry out an impact assessment and this will determine whether a new development will result in significant rises in air pollution from increased traffic as a direct result of the development. As well as typical air quality consultant services the other services that environmental consultants will offer include noise and acoustics, vibration, daylight, sunlight and overshadowing, lighting impact, ecology, sound testing, contaminated land, sustainability and flood risk assessments. The role of environmental consultants and air quality consultants is a very important one and developers will need to pay for these services on many types of developments else they will never be given planning permission.

Air quality consultants and environmental consultants will not only carry out assessments for residential developments but they will also commonly be hired to carry out assessments for other developments such as care homes, schools, hospitals, sewage treatment works, paint spraying workplaces and other locations where people might be at risk of being over exposed to high levels of poor and polluted air. Contact details of many professional air quality consultants and environmental consultants can be found by looking online.



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