Prefabricated buildings provide super fast professional work spaces or residential accommodation

If you need extra space quickly then prefabricated buildings are perfect. They’re quick and easy to erect and work for a range of uses. You can get new office space set up over the weekend or family accommodation ready to move into in a matter of weeks. As the name implies prefabricated buildings are manufactured in advance of arriving at the construction site. Whatever your accommodation requirements, the advantages of prefabricated buildings are clear; no complicated plans, no waiting for materials and almost instant construction.

Prefabs are so fast because all the components i.e. walls, windows and roofs, are mass produced and then put together in whatever formation is required. Various styles are produced to give options that suit different tastes or uses. Prefabricated buildings are the ideal solution for the quick realisation of long term or temporary accommodation, working space or in order to provide facilities like kitchens or ablutions. They’re particularly useful on building sites where temporary facilities are required while the permanent ones are built over a longer period of time.

Modular buildings tend to be a more permanent type of prefab construction. A concrete foundation is lain down to provide a solid base. With the right insulation these can provide great homes super fast. Building a house usually takes a matter of months but once the foundations have been lain prefabricated buildings can be put together in a matter of hours. It’s really exciting to see each room become a reality before your eyes.

Many manufacturers of prefabricated buildings, like Dynamic African Projects, also supply furniture to complete the interior of the new structure. Living room suits, kitchen fittings, beds and storage units can be sourced from the same company, saving even more time and hassle. Once flooring and painting has been completed the furniture can be placed in the new building giving you a viable working or living space in the fastest possible time. Prefabricated buildings are the essence of utility, providing useful, versatile space that can be erected in a remarkably short time.



Prefabricated buildings are emerging as a popular option for houses shops and offices because of their ease of construction. Visit to see the latest in prefabricated and modular buildings.