Which solar panels are best for your Cheshire home?

Are you considering making your home more environmentally friendly with solar panels in Cheshire? There are a few different options which it’s quite a good idea to familiarise yourself so you can make an informed decision about which ones are best for you. You can choose to install solar panels in Cheshire that either heats your water or that generate electricity. In this article we’ll explore the difference between the differing types of solar conversion technology and their uses. You’ll learn how to identify them and uncover the pros and cons of each in relation to your own household.

As mentioned you can utilise the sun’s rays with solar panels in Cheshire in two ways; to heat your household water or to generate electricity. Solar thermal systems are the variety of panel that assist in heating water. Photovoltaic or solar PV panels convert the energy absorbed from the sun into electrical energy that can be used to power homes. You might already have decided which option you think is best for you. Here we’ll set out the cost benefits, installations options and climate considerations of installing solar panels in Cheshire.

I’ll look firstly at solar thermal systems which themselves present two choices. The two choices are ‘evacuated tube’ or ‘flat plate’ solar panels. The greatest difference between them is in whole they are installed and how they look on your roof. Evacuated tube solar panels on your Cheshire home will sit on top of the roofing, whereas the flat plate variety sits in line with the roofing, like a Velux window. Flat plate panels may therefore present a more aesthetically pleasing finish to some home owners.

These panels contain water which absorbs the sun’s warmth. This warm water is then pumped through to a hot water cylinder where it is used to heat the water in your boiler. The water from inside the thermal panels is not what comes out of your taps because it’s a closed loop system. These work pretty well in our British climate and present a viable option for solar panels in Cheshire. While they do run best in the summer months you should be able to get free hot water for 6 months of the year. Think of the savings that represents.

Solar PV panels on the hand convert the sun’s energy into power that can be used to run household appliances and lighting. Energy can be used as it is produced so it’s better to switch on large white goods during the day to take advantage of day light energy. It is possible to produce more energy than you could possible use. In this instance the power will be transferred to the National Grid so that other households can use it. You’ll be contributing to greener homes in your area. Even better you’ll be paid for the units of electricity you produce! With brief insight into the differences you can begin to decide on your solar panels in Cheshire.



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