Professional and cost effective recycling Johannesburg from the experts at Binclean

Thankfully over the last decade in particular we as consumers and business owners have become much more environmentally aware and are much more likely to actively contribute in reducing our planets’ carbon footprint by recycling as much as possible and taking care of waste removal responsibly and legally. Binclean are one of South Africa’s leading waste management companies offering a fantastic recycling Johannesburg and waste removal Johannesburg service which can lower costs, create revenue as well as helping the environment.

Binclean South Africa, are an environmentally aware company dedicated to the provision of cost effective recycling Johannesburg and the provision of professional, waste management solutions to both large commercial customers and small domestic and private individuals all over the Gauteng province with our well respected waste removal Johannesburg service. We are an independent company and whilst we have moved with the times as and when required adding a variety of additional options to our waste removal Johannesburg service we have stuck by our good old fashioned values of quality service and competitive pricing as well as a passion for our planet and this has stood us in good stead over our years of successful trading in this business.

We offer a wide range of services, our recycling Johannesburg service includes soft and hard plastics, paper, metal and glass, 6cublic meter skip hire is also available, we have a specialist team for the attention and assessment of hazardous waste, we have a safe and secure on site shredding facility to comply with the Data Protection Act and protect your identity and our waste removal Johannesburg service includes the safe collection and recycling of your waste.

We are extremely proud of the reputation we have built up as amongst the very best for recycling and waste removal Johannesburg and determined to uphold it we are proud as a company to have achieved Level 4 BBBEE. Contact us online at to see how we can help you!



Recycling Johannesburg has never been more important. The city has set stringent targets for waste removal Johannesburg and it is up to residents and planners to meet them with the help of recycling.