Analogue engineer

Analogue engineer and digital engineer

An analogue engineer is a sub discipline of electrical engineering it is a very interesting and important form of engineering. This article is aimed at exploring the world of precision engineering, and will include some of the aspects that this form of engineering includes. This article will then conclude by informing you on where you can find more information on analogue engineering as well as digital engineering.

What is Analogue engineering?

As mentioned previously precision engineering is a sub discipline of electrical engineering, electronics engineering, mechanical engineering and also optical engineering. Precision engineering is concerned with the creation and designing of machines, fixtures and also other structures that have exceptionally low tolerances, are repeatable and are also stable over a course of time. precision engineering sees practical applications within machine tools and also optoelectronics, design based machines and many other different types of fields..

A fundamental principle in precision engineering is that of determinism. System behavior is fully predictable even to nanometer-scale motions.

Precision engineering has many different types of goals that it tries to achieve, some of these goals include:

Create a highly precise movement.

Reduce the dispersion of the product’s or part’s function.

Eliminate fitting and promote assembly, especially automatic assembly.

Reduce the initial cost.

Reduce the running cost.

Extend the life span.

Enable the design safety factor to be lowered.

Improve interchangeability of components so that corresponding parts made by other factories or firms can be used in their place.

Improve quality control through higher machine accuracy capabilities and hence reduce scrap, rework, and conventional inspection.

Achieve a greater wear/fatigue life of components.

Make functions independent of one another.

Achieve greater miniaturization and packing densities.

Achieve further advances in technology and the underlying sciences

As you can see there are many different elements that go into analogue engineering, if you would still like some more information then this can be found by entering the keywords ‘analogue nengineer’ into an internet search engine. This search will allow you to see for yourself all of the information that lies behind this field of engineering.



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