Plain white t-shirts are a timeless classic

Your plain white t-shirts will go with anything

Plain white t-shirts are the most versatile item of clothing that you can own. You can wear them on their own with a pair of jeans for that classic fifties look that never went out of fashion. You can wear them with a suit jacket and a pair of jeans for that classic yet contemporary look. You can wear them with other shirts and sweaters as part of a layered outfit. Classic, cool and modern, plain white t-shirts go with anything and never go out of fashion.

Where can you order plain white t-shirts?

To get high quality plain white t-shirts at a price that is right there is one place that stands out above all others. With a huge range of other items as well, the founders of Tom’s Cabin have over forty years of experience. There skill and knowledge mean that they know what to stock, how to get the best quality and how to negotiate the right prices so that they can pass on the savings to you. Their customer service is second to none.

Besides plain white t-shirts, what else does Tom’s Cabin sell?

Tom’s Cabin stocks a huge range leisurewear, sportswear and workwear from a range of branded products such as Fruit of the Loom and the world leading Hanes T-shirts. Their range includes tees, hoodies, polo shirts, fleeces, shirts, bodywarmers, gilets, and even underwear. They have clothing for both women and men and they even stock children’s clothing. Their range covers all sizes from babies all the way up to six XL. For orders over fifty pounds, Tom’s Cabin offers free shipping on the United Kingdom mainland. For more information or to look through the incredible range of Tom’s Cabin clothing, go to



Plain white t-shirts remain a staple of wardrobes across the country. At you’ll find sports and casual wear from leading brands, with special deals on Hanes t-shirts.