Self defence training – a great way to enhance your personal protection

Would you be able to handle yourself if you were attacked in the street? If somebody tried mugging you or threated you for no particular reason would you have the confidence and the skills to protect yourself? Self defence training would give you the confidence you needed and personal safety training arms you with numerous skills. Self defence training teaches you a broad range of techniques that could be put to good use in the future. Self defence training isn’t Kung Foo or karate training; it isn’t based on martial arts. Self defence training empowers you with new knowledge and teaches you essential defence skills that could protect you in the future.

Self defence training is ideal for men, women and children and people of all ages. It’s great for the general public if they want to learn how to protect themselves as they go about their daily duties. Plus personal safety training is perfect for the workplace setting. If you work in the public domain and come into contact with other people on a daily basis Self defence training might be useful one day. It teaches you how to recognise potentially threatening situations, it shows you how to resolve conflict and in the worst case scenario Self defence training provides you techniques so you can defend yourself from attackers.

Self defence training is held at various centres around the UK and is a popular training provider for countless individuals. They deliver personal safety training through a range of workshops and you can choose courses for the general public, courses for workplace settings or Self defence training for schools, colleges and universities. Book a place on Self defence training courses and you’d have greater confidence as you go about your daily activities. The courses at Premier Self Defence are practical and packed with essential knowledge that could help to save your life one day. As crime steadily increases there’s never been a better time to learn new skills in self defence. Don’t be a victim, fight back and send attackers fleeing, learn specialist skills that will stay with you for life.


Self defence training from If you want to have more personal safety awareness in today’s society, then visit their website today for personal safety training.