Keep your pets healthy and well with canine health products from The Animal Health Company.

The Animal Health Company are an innovative dedicated and forward thinking company based in Halstead Essex determined to provide the very best canine health products on the market in order to keep your special pets in perfect condition and optimum health. We have been front runners in the very specific field of dog supplements for over 30 years and have in recent years joined forces with the highly regarded SP Equine company so that we can now offer fantastic horse as well as canine health products.

The British are known throughout the world as a nation of animal lovers and we share our homes with an estimated 7.3 million dogs and 7.2 million cats. Our pets offer us a great sense of companionship, fun and they can also be a superb exercise partner. To really enjoy your dog and give it the best possible life it is imperative to consider canine health products. As a company of genuine animal lovers we understand how much your pet means to you and are determined to supply the best tools available on the market to ensure he stays in optimum health and happiness.

We stock a wide range of products all from tried and tested manufacturers to ensure premium quality, many of our canine health products are completely natural, we cover everything from dog grooming tools and disinfectants for the prevention of the spreading of disease to a wide range of health and dog supplements. Our dog supplement range covers supplements and aids for general health and well-being to specifics such as whelping, and target areas such as coats as well as ailments or deficiencies in minerals such as iron where Revite would be the ideal choice.

All of our products have been thoroughly tested and each member of our team are well versed on every single item on our stock list and so are always on hand to offer advice and further information wherever needed.



Keep your dog in good shape with canine health products with They only use natural ingredients in their dog supplements and are committed to caring for your pet.