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We have never been people to settle for second best or to accept that some things can not be achieved, when it comes to the highest quality entertainments products at the most competitive prices and fit for absolutely any application then the place to call is Lifestyle Leisure at for innovative alternatives to the original and much loved range of pool tables we offer the latest invention the creative, space savvy dining pool table.

We have been leaders in the market of pool tables since 1969 when we were amongst the very first to introduce the new phenomenon of the time American pool tables into the UK. As a company of genuine pool lovers we understand that this is an occasional pastime and great party entertainment for some and an absolute joy or profession for others regardless of use rest assured when you choose the professionals in pool tables supply at Lifestyle Leisure you are getting the absolutely best products available on the market at the most competitive prices.

We stock a wide range of entertainment equipment from pool tables of all sizes and finished in a wide range of styles from the uber contemporary, to the more traditional styles we can incorporate different colours of cloth, and all the pool tables accessories you could think of to ensure a perfect game. As a proactive company we have developed as the needs of our customers have changed and we now offer a fabulous range of the most innovative and space saving pool dining table. The pool dining table possesses all of the attributes of the other pool tables we provide but also has the advantage of double use. When you are not using the equipment the pool dining table changes seamlessly into an elegant dining table which is absolutely perfect for all aspects of modern living.



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