Ways to improve CCTV systems

Still making do with CCTV systems from the 1990s? Bet the quality of those CCTV systems is pretty poor. CCTV systems have come on in leaps and bounds over the past few years and something from the 90s looks pretty ancient these days. Poorly performing CCTV systems are pretty useless if the truth be known. There’s not much point in having cameras in place if the images they capture are grainy, dull and grey. Thieves aren’t stupid. They know when you have quality cameras in place and can tell when your access control systems need replacing too. So if you are still making do with a defunct CCTV system isn’t it time you upgraded to a modern solution?

What’s the most important part of CCTV systems? You need decent cameras for a start. Cameras are the first line of defence for CCTV systems; they capture acts of theft, moments of vandalism and scenes of public disorder offences. So the quality of the cameras on CCTV systems is important. Use old analogue cameras and it’s no wonder the images they capture are next to useless. Switch to digital cameras and the quality is vastly improved, they greatly enhance access control systems. Plus you can install the latest IP cameras that use data networks and provide you with neat and tidy installations.

Upgrade the cameras on CCTV systems and that’s just a small part of the process. Cameras capture the images but you still need other types of equipment as part of CCTV systems to view these images. Back in the day this process would have been completed with boxy monitors that looked cumbersome and rather awkward. Today you can ditch those old monitors and switch to super slim-line LCD units that enable you to view crystal clear images. Plus you can record anti-social behaviour on video recording systems and use embedded units that capture real time footage as it happens.

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