An Enerpac Hand Pump is packed with safety features

Could an Enerpac Hand Pump make your job easier?

Whether you work in maintenance or production, on a construction site, shop floor, or in a mine, power plant, or ship yard, if you have a load to lift you want the best hydraulic pumps available to you. An Enerpac Hand Pump is one of the most trusted and popular of all manual pumps, with a wide range of models capable of a large degree of lifting power, a range of cylinder capacities and with a choice of two speeds of operation.

What types of Enerpac Hand Pump are available?

The Enerpac Hand Pump is available in several different models, depending on your needs. The Hydraulic Lightweight Hand Pump series features compact design and a choice of both single or two speed models. It is corrosion resistant, requires less effort on the handle and features lightweight construction for added portability. The ULTIMA Hydraulic Steel Hand Pump has most of the same features, but is made from steel for extra tough jobs. The Hydraulic Low Pressure Hand Pump range is especially suited for jobs where less than 10,000 psi is required and are ideally designed for where space is restrictive. The MP Series of Multi-fluid Hand Pumps are designed for testing and filling applications and feature superb corrosion resistance, nitrile seals, an anodized aluminium pump housing and an externally adjustable pressure relief valve. Finally, the 11 series, Ultra High Pressure Hydraulic Hand Pump offers two speed operations, is constructed to be suitable for a wide range of fluids and has a greater degree of control over pressure relief.

Where can you get an Enerpac Hand Pump?

Shaw Hydraulics Limited is an approved stockist of the Enerpac Hand Pump. They are able to hire out, repair, test and calibrate Enerpac products. For more details visit the Shaw Hydraulics website at



At there is so much Enerpac hand pump equipment at your disposal that you will be completely spoilt for choice, in all honesty. Simplex products bear the mark of true quality and class.