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Custom sticker printing is an ideal branding tool that is also very inexpensive especially when you go to printing company Stickers that Stick. Find out why they should be your number one sticker printing service below.

Great quality stickers

Stickers That Stick’s sticker printing methods are very high quality, matching the standards of more expensive services but with a far lower price tag. All their custom sticker printing includes die cutting as standard and cutting costs are included within every quote. In fact you’ll never find any hidden charges in your bill as they price each job in advance at very fair amounts.

Various styles of sticker printing are available, ranging from ordinary paper styles to transparent varieties suitable for application to glass surfaces or car quality stickers. Die-cutting refers to the method of printing employed which is shearing using dies so the colours are as clean as possible with no border area needed.

How you could use stickers

Sticker printing is useful for a number of promotional tasks. Companies can commission stickers with their corporate logo to be distributed to staff or the general public, depending on the market niche. It is also possible to customise iPhone cases, which are extremely popular free giveaways. As we all use our smart phones so much your logo will be displayed frequently to a very wide audience from just one person who uses the custom case.

Custom stickers are also great for charity fundraising. You can sell the stickers for a very small amount which means you’re likely to sell more of these than a more expensive item. As Stickers That Stick’s sticker printing prices are so low you’ll make good profits even at small resale rates. The sticker will then act as a tool for raising awareness of your nominated charity or issues they handle. As stickers can be applied to clothing, books, phones, car windows, to practically anything in fact it makes them a simple tool with powerful reach.

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