Expansion Joints

An expansion joint can sometimes be called a movement joint and it is designed into roadways and other types of high-frequency areas in order to absorb the heat and induce expansion and contraction. It is very important when there is a construction of materials, in order to absorb vibration and take over some of the heat, you need these expansion joints. It allows air to get into the area and it allows heat to escape efficiently. It also allows movement to occur, such as with ground settlement or earthquakes. If there were to be an earthquake and the groundwork to be shaken up extensively, roadways would likely crack in less there were these expansion joints. Expansion joints allow the road to move freely, as it needs to in an earthquake or any other type of big event. Expansion joints are something that need to be integrated as efficiently as possible into the construction projects of roadways and bridges.

Bridge expansion joints are very common. It’s important to incorporate expansion joints on a bridge, so that if there was an earthquake, the entire bridge cannot come collapsing down. The designers of the bridge have to incorporate this into their project. It is their jobs to make sure that the expansion joints are included and that they are done correctly. There needs to be enough space in between the expansion joints and they need to be positioned correctly as well. This is a very important step to the process, something that construction companies think about regularly when they are designing a new roadway or bridge.

Without expansion joints, the roadways and bridges that we have today would not be nearly as safe. Thankfully, expansion joint technology has been around for quite some time and it is something that contractors use regularly with their construction projects. You can feel confident and secure driving on roadways today, knowing that expansion joints have been incorporated into their construction.

If you want to know more about expansion joints and what would work for you then the internet is full of help guides and websites with the information that you need.



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