Purchasing Carrier bags

Carrier bags come in many different shapes and sizes and they can be made from a range of materials. Most people tend to think of plastic when they think of carrier bags but more eco-friendly alternatives are available. Paper carrier bags are a popular choice and they are a great alternative to plastic bags. Many paper bags will be made from recycled paper. Suppliers of carrier bags will tend to stock a wide selection of different products to cater for different customer’s requirements and many will also stock other packaging products like cake boxes, bubble wrap, food packaging, prescription bags and gift boxes. Cake boxes are in high demand as more retailers have started selling fresh cakes. Cupcakes have become very fashionable in recent times and more and more shops have opened that specialise in homemade cupcakes and these retailers will need cup cake boxes to pack their cakes in.

Suppliers of carrier bags for commercial use will tend to offer a bespoke printing service so customers can have bags created that have their company name or logo on to help promote their business. When it comes to bespoke printed carrier bags most supplies will have a minimum order quantity for one design. The carrier bags supplier may offer an in-house design service to help people create the artwork for their carrier bags. Like carrier bags cake boxes also come in different sizes and shapes. Most cake boxes are made from cardboard and some have a clear lid so you can see the cake inside. Different suppliers may sell different cake boxes. Cup cake boxes are available that hold from one to up 12 cakes and they will come with inserts included to hold each cake in place.

Like carrier bags the supplier may also offer a personalisation service for cake boxes for customers who are looking for cake boxes that will help promote their business and brand. The cost of cake boxes and carrier bags will depend on the quantity that customers order. The cost of carrier bags will tend to get cheaper per item the more that customers order.



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