Purchasing fastenings

Fastenings solutions are required by many different industries for a wide range of purposes. Fastenings are vital components in many products and they are what hold items securely together. Many companies will be looking for custom fasteners for their products and many manufacturers will offer a custom fasteners design and manufacturing service. It is common for businesses to buy fastenings and custom fasteners from a specialist supplier rather than create their own. In order to create fasteners companies would need to invest in machinery and trained employees to create the custom fasteners they require. This means it is often much more cost effective to outsource this work and fastenings suppliers will be experts in their field and they should be able to create virtually any products that customers require.

The various fastenings that a manufacture will be able to create include screws, nuts, bolts, washers and custom fasteners. Most fastenings manufacturers will always will have stock of the most common fasteners so they are always able to fulfil customer’s orders. When it comes to custom fasteners manufacturers will be happy to create small or large quantities of custom fasteners and they will hold custom designs on file so these can be re-made quickly if customers need to order more in the future. Fastenings can be made in various sizes ranging from 2mm up to 12mm in diameter and 100mm in length.

Custom fasteners can be made from a number of different materials including mild steel, stainless steel, tensile steel, brass and phosphor bronze. Fastenings can then have additional coatings applied to them such as case hardening or plating to make them fit for their intended purpose of use. As well as fastenings and custom fasteners the manufacturer may also offer packaging solutions to offer a complete service for their customers.



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