What are overhead cranes?

The term overhead crane can be used to refer to a number of different types of lifting equipment. The thing that all overhead cranes have in common is that they all lift and move a load using the most direct route.

Overhead cranes are most commonly used in industrial environments such as manufacturing factories, engineering, logistics and gas and oil. They are also often found in the steel industry where all the steel processed is handled by overhead cranes.

The structure of overhead cranes can significantly vary depending on the type. They can often be identified by their two parallel runways with a travelling bridge that spans the middle of the runways. On the travelling bridge there is usually a hoist, this is the lifting component on the crane. Depending on the type of overhead crane they can work both horizontally or vertically.

Bridge Cranes

Bridge cranes are made with steel girders and have concrete foundations. They have two vertical legs with a bridge spanning across the width.

Gantry Cranes

Gantry cranes are very similar overhead cranes to bridge cranes except that they run on floor-mounted tracks instead of being grounded by concrete foundations.

Jib Cranes

Jib cranes are much smaller than most other overhead cranes and so are often used inside warehouses. They have one end fixed to a wall or other structure, this end is hinged so that the bridge (also known as the jib) can pull up a load and swivel it into the correct position.

Monorail Cranes

Monorail cranes carry their load horizontally along an s-shaped track which is mounted onto the ceiling, they can be operated manually or are sometimes run by air, electrically or hydraulically.

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