Use labelling machines to achieve high quality labels every time

All products available for purchase must have a suitable label. Labels give customers vital information about a product which will help them decide whether or not to buy the product.


As thousands of products are packaged with packing machines on an assembly, labelling machines make the packaging process simpler. Labelling machines allows you to add labels to products efficiently and effectively and always gives consistent results.


There are many types of labelling machines to suit your product, production line, quantity, and budget. Such as self labelling adhesive, shrink sleeve, roll fed, cold glue and semi automatic labelling machines.


Self labelling adhesive machines print writing clearly, quickly and reliably. The labels are printed on any shaped sticker label you choose which are removed from the sheet and stuck on to your product. The labels are either stuck on your product manually, fully or semi-automated if labelling machines are integrated with the production line.


Typical self adhesive labelling machines can produce approximately 30 to 300 pieces per minute. Label sizes as small as 1 mm or up to around 300mm in length and up to 300mm in height. If you require larger labels, then advanced labelling machines with greater flexibility are available at a higher cost. But if you only require smaller labels, you can reduce the hardware costs by only buying labelling machines that produce labels within your dimension range.


Shrink sleeve labelling machines are simple to operate and require minimal staff supervision. These are predominately used for printing labels onto bottles and can output around 36000 bottles per hour. Shrink sleeve can be adjusted to suit any shape or size bottle or can. The shrink sleeve process ensures the labels are cut precisely and applied with heat to fit the product perfectly (shrunk to fit the product). This results in fully professional and quality packaging as the label is wrapped all around the product, making them more appealing to the consumer.


Similar to shrink sleeve labelling machines, roll fed labels are ideal for wrap around labels. The labels are melted onto the product with hot melt glue. Roll fed labels achieve the same look and result of shrink sleeve but usually at a lower cost and higher efficiency of roll fed machines.



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