What features should you look for when buying Photocopiers?

There was a time when Photocopiers were fairly basic machines. You put a piece of paper in the tray, closed the lid and pressed a button on the Photocopiers. There’d be a bit of whirring, a little bit of bright light and a warm copy would emerge from the machine. It’s different today. Now we are faced with multitasking copiers that are just as difficult to understand as Multifunction Printers. They don’t just copy. They print, scan and fax as well, the only thing they won’t do is make you a cup of tea. So it can be a little bit confusing when you are updating a copier and you are looking at Photocopiers for the first time in ages. Think beforehand about the type of copier you need and that makes it easier when you are looking for Photocopiers.

Photocopiers come in colour and black and white versions, which type does your business need? If you simply want basic Photocopiers to copy memos and other documents save money and opt for a black and white version. Sure it’d be nice have the flexibility of colour Photocopiers but do you need to run to this expense if you hardly ever copy in colour? You’ll save a ton of cash with a black and white copier and it’ll be more than adequate for your business needs. So look for a budget black and white copier from a supplier of Multifunction Printers and keep things simple.

How flexible do you want the Photocopiers to be? Will you be using a wide range of media in the Photocopiers including cards and paper of all sizes? Flatbed Photocopiers are really flexible, they’re simple and straightforward to use and can handle papers and cards of all sizes. Plus they’re useful for copying books and other written media which is why you often see them being put through their paces in libraries. If you want a no-fuss copier pick a flatbed version from a store that sells Multifunction Printers.

Ease of use is important for copiers too. Some come with so many different buttons you need a degree to work them out. If a number of people are going to be using the copier think of their needs and choose a machine that’s a doddle to work. You’ll find loads of value for money copiers at yorkshirecopiers.co.uk and great deals on Multifunction printers as well.



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