Superb quality dental implants with a level of service which is second to none at Ultra Smile.

We are a world obsessed by the celebrity life style, whether it is following the fashion of your favourite actor, a reality TV stars’ hair style or lusting your favourite singers teeth we all aim for the same polished look. Fashion and hairstyles come and go but a perfect smile and healthy beautiful teeth are timeless and classic. At Ultra Smile we believe that a beautiful smile is arguably a person’s most attractive attribute. We are not all blessed with stunningly perfect teeth and are well aware that from time to time we all need help, whether it is cosmetic reasons or for great dental health contact the expert in dental implants and the revolutionary straightening system Invisalign at Ultra Smile Dentistry for further information visit us online at

Ultra Smile Dentistry is a well-established, highly respected dental surgery based in Limehouse, London we cover all aspects of dental work and restoration specialising in a competitively priced, premiere dental implants service, and Invisalign. We have been front leaders in this extremely specialised industry for many years, drawing on our wealth of experience and fantastically skilled dentists we truly believe as do our many satisfied customers that when it comes to efficient, professional oral work including the superb after care of our dental implants service and meticulous care in our Invisalign service we are the only choice for restoring your smile. The long lists of awards are testament to the quality of our work, one of which included the superb accolade of UK’s Private Dentist of the Year.

Dental implants are a fantastic solution not only for aesthetic reasons where teeth are missing, due to decay, gum disease or injury but also to promote good oral health and protection of the facial bones. The process of dental implants is a relatively intense one, as is the Invisalign straightening system rest assured with Ultra Smile’s dentists and after care service we are with you on every step of the journey and the finished results are amazing. We have worked hard to achieve our status amongst the premiere in this field and we are determined to uphold it, we boast the latest technology to ensure the very best levels of service and results.

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