Cut costs with solar panels Dorset

2013 has already seen energy prices climb and with bills 50% higher than five years ago many home owners are looking at ways to save. Cavity wall and loft insulation are great ways to save money, as is trying to use electricity at low peak times. Solar panels are another avenue to cutting utility bills and they are becoming more and more popular.

Although our climate leaves something to be desired in terms on our average sunshine, solar panels Dorset work almost as well here as in some of our sunnier European neighbours. Even cloudy days can result in energy being produced, and if the panels fail to produce enough power then you can rely upon your ordinary energy supplier safe in the knowledge that you’re using far less than normal. Instead of monthly bills eating up hundreds of pounds, your future bills may only set you back around £20-£30. Solar panels really are a viable option in the UK!

Solar panels Dorset not only save you money but they also have to save the environment. A renewable source of energy, solar panels create no damage to the environment and will not run out like fossil fuels. Solar panels Dorset are a great way for us to start producing our own green energy.

If you do want to install solar panels the government offers even more of an incentive to do it, paying you to generate electricity. If your solar panels generate over and above the energy you require the surplus is fed back to the national grid and you will be paid for supplying your solar energy. This government scheme can see you generate around £1,000 tax free annually. Even better, payments are guaranteed to continue for 25 years. A great way to recoup your initial installation costs. are dedicated to helping you generate sustainable energy. Offering a range of services including solar PV Dorset, air source heat pumps and Ecodan units their expert staff can help you to save energy and money today.



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