Saving Money on Drinking Water

Bottled water costs households a huge amount of money every single year. Whether at home, in a bar or at work, many people will choose bottled water as a healthy and refreshing beverage, preferring the taste to tap water and being very pleased with the fact it will be far better for them.

However, in reality, a huge proportion of bottled water is in fact nothing more than filtered tap water and therefore by simply buying their own Brita filter individuals may not only save a huge amount of money every single year, but also find that they are helping the environment at the very same time, reducing the number of bottles being fabricated (and transported) just to perform a function that taps have been excellent at for decades.

In fact, the bottled water industry is monitored far less closely than tap water in this country is, meaning that much of the water that is bottled from all over the globe could actually be far less safe and far less healthy than simply filling up your own Brita water filter, whilst buying such unmonitored water is likely to cost you a fortune in the process.

It is also very easy to keep filtered water cool by placing the same filters in the fridge, meaning that those who prefer bottled water due to it being easy to refrigerate are overlooking a very simple solution.

Bottled water is a multi-billion pound industry, yet in reality it offers nothing of any benefit over the water we all get directly to our home at a constant rate. Furthermore, drinking tap water will mean people don’t have to waste time or petrol heading the shop to stock up on water, meaning that buying a water filter will not just save money, but it will also no doubt save a great deal of hassle for most people too.

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