Do You Need a Dressing Table in the Bedroom?

Dressing tables originated in eighteenth century France, where they were used by women to store their cosmetics wrapped in linen. Their popularity spread and they were all the rage in Victorian Britain, but the preference for minimalist decor and practicality over elegance in the twentieth century saw them disappear from our homes. However, in recent years they have made something of a comeback, with people buying up vintage pieces from the first time round, and furniture shops stocking both modern replicas and new designs. If you are redecorating a bedroom you may find yourself wondering whether you too need a dressing table.

A dressing table adds instant glamour to any bedroom and the right style in the right setting can be a fabulous focal point. Dressing tables also create a very personal area where you can keep not only your cosmetics but also personal items and trinkets. Adding photos and perfume bottles along with other great vintage dressing table accessorises such as antique hand mirrors and pottery or silverware, will also create an elegant area in which to get ready.

With the many different styles to choose from it is easy to find the right dressing table for your needs. Some are filled with draws and compartments, which makes them a great storage space for jewellery or all those necessary but fiddly toiletries that can make a bedroom appear cluttered. Others are very ornate and have large attached mirrors which may negate the need for another mirror elsewhere in the bedroom.

Some may doubt the importance of dressing tables in the modern bedroom but they undeniably remain both practical and visually pleasing. If you are careful to pick a design that suits you and matches the style of your room, and then finish off the look with some matching dressing table accessories, your bedroom will benefit greatly.

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