So finally the big day rolls around and the family gets to pick up its new puppy. It’s so great to finally bring it home. There’s going to be so much fun, love, laughter and mischief. A new dog is just like a new member of the family. They bring so much joy and give so much back, but new owners need to remember to be responsible owners too.

Puppies are incredibly cute, but these are animals which need to be looked after correctly. Firstly they’re going to need plenty of attention. A dog is a pack animal, so they like to be with other dogs and people. They don’t like to left all day. It’s OK to go out within reason, but they’ll always be happy to see their owners when they come home.

Next up they need exercise. Once they’ve had their jabs they’re ready to go out and explore the big wide world. As they get bigger they need to walk at least several miles each day. It’s a great excuse for a walk and a chance to keep fit.

They’ll need a bed, some toys and a collar and lead too. Finally there’s pet foods to think about. Each dog is different. Some are fussier eaters than others. Generally dogs like a balance of wet and dry foods. Be careful not to overfeed them. That’s not kindness at all.

There are so many different breeds and dogs have different nutritional needs during each stage of life. A puppy needs food formulated to help it grow, whereas a senior dog needs food with supplements to help keep their joints moving. At the pet shop new owners can find a great choice of food and ask staff for their expert opinion. It’s nice to be able to ask for advice, especially in those early days when novice owners are still getting used to their new friend.

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