So many of us are used to choosing ease over quality when it comes to audio playback that we have forgotten just how much difference there can be between playing music on the likes of phones and tablets and the great experience of listening to our favorite songs on a high-quality Hi-Fi.

However, without the right speakers and even the right speaker cables, the sound you will be hearing will be a mere shadow of the original recording and from the frequencies that will be missed out from both the high end and the low end of the song to the warmth that will be lost, the music the most of us now listen to lacks a great deal of the impact it should offer.

We are often lulled in by the scope of digital equipment, impressed by the lack of imperfections and wowed by just how many songs we can listen to without doing anything other than hitting play. Yet, from the headphones that are used with mp3 players to the speakers that are used when utilizing docking stations, the majority of equipment that individuals use for audio playback doesn’t come anywhere close to the high end stereos the majority of us used to own.

The cost of digital solutions will inevitably make us assume we are getting the very best quality playback, but in reality the costs we are paying are often just for increased technological scope as opposed to improved audio quality. As such, those who wish to hear the music as it was intended to be heard will get a great deal of benefit from buying better quality speakers and far better quality audio speaker cables. In turn, those who are blown away by a band playing live due to the rawness and quality of the sound they hear will find that they can often get something very close to that ‘real thing’ from the comfort of their own home each and every time to put on their favorite music.

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