Reversing cameras and other inventions

Reversing cameras and other inventions

Lots of cars these days come with reversing cameras as standard or at least as an optionally extra and unless you have owned an older vehicle you will probably take this invention for granted. This article is aimed at showing you other advances in car technology as well as informing you on where to find more information on items such as a rear view camera.

Not just reversing cameras

It is not just reversing cameras that have helped shape the way for the modern car; the following devices have also helped us to achieve bigger and better cars:

ABS braking system – This is also a feature on most modern cars, it is this braking system that can really help if you have to apply the brakes in an emergency.
Computerized diagnostic systems – You may not know this but most modern cars are fitted with computerized systems. It is within these computerized systems that a mechanic is able to diagnose any possible problems with your car.

The future

As you can see from above its not just reversing cameras that have helped cars into the 21st century, there are however a few more gadgets and gismos that you can get on cars. These gadgets unlike the catalytic converters, aren’t on every car; some examples of these gadgets include:

ESP braking – This is one step further into the future than ABS; ESP prevents cars from skidding when you need to apply the brakes in an emergency. ESP brakes have been tested on extremely icy roads and have showed extremely positive results.

Cruise control and braking distances – Yes you can now get cars that will drive themselves (shame they can’t steer themselves or we would be laughing!) These cars can detect how close the car is in front and also brake accordingly to prevent any accidents.

As you can see from all of this that reversing cameras were just the tip of the iceberg; there are clearly more inventions out their, that help us drive safely and efficiently. If you would require more information then this can be found by entering the keywords ‘reversing cameras’ into an internet search engine.



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