Replacement or repair of sewage pumps, motors and fans available at the most competitive prices from the experts at AES.

AES Rewinds is a superbly efficient company offering high quality solutions in all aspects of fan repair and pumps and specialising in the very niche area of sewage pumps. We are 100% confident that with our diverse range of services we have a reliable solution for practically any application and are useful for all sectors of industry, from sewage and water works, to mining, building, agriculture, as well as for retail use. We have been providing this excellent service for many years, since we began this journey back in 1948 dealing in the majority with car electrics, over the following 65 years our services have expanded to cover the demands and needs of our customers. With our wealth of experience, coupled with an unrivalled product knowledge which covers everything from sewage pumps, repair and replacement to fan repair, along with competitive pricing and absolute commitment for complete customer satisfaction we are widely considered to be the best in the business and the one and only port of call for all aspects of sewage pumps and fan repair.

We are located in Ashvale Surrey, where we have a purpose built facility stocking a wide range of different pumps, and all the spares and associated products to ensure a quality and prompt service. We can facilitate a complete range of services for our customers including repair and/ or replacement of sewage pumps, fault finding, inspection and replacement of pumps and fan repair, we can also carry out a comprehensive service and maintenance package which ensures your equipment stays in optimum working order keeping production to the maximum and down time to an absolute minimum. We understand that in the extremely fast paced world we live in time is money and so whilst we will never scrimp on the quality of our goods our priority is always speed Along with safe and secure delivery. If you find yourself in the position where you desperately need emergency fan repair to any of your vital equipment contact us either online at or call the team direct on 01252 515 169.

We cover a wide range of pumps and fans from agricultural and sewage pumps to all aspects of fan repair. Our highly trained mechanical engineers will ensure a first class repair project is carried out or in the event where this is not possible will replace it with a pump from the leading manufacturers.

Sewage Pumps by Visit their website today if you're looking for Fan Repair.

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