Many people choose to stay in self catering accommodation when they go on a holiday. For one thing it is a lot less expensive than staying in full board hotel and the freedom that a self catering holiday gives many people prefer. Staying in self catering accommodation in Johannesburg for your holiday will give you the freedom to explore this fantastic city on your own terms without being restricted to certain meal times if you were in a hotel or full board accommodation.

When looking for self catering accommodation in Johannesburg you will find that there is plenty to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you have a tight budget or if budget is of no consequence there is sure to be something to suit all needs. Some of the self catering accommodation is state of the art and luxurious offering guests every comfort they could imagine.

Lots of the self catering accommodation also offers guests lots of different activities to do in the evening or in their spare time. There are mobile spas that can be used in various accommodation and spa treatments are available for guests who want to unwind after a busy day sightseeing in Johannesburg. Much of the accommodation has plasma TV’s and under floor heating and air conditioning for your comfort.

Although self catering accommodation does not usually include meals you may find that some of the establishments do offer evening meals in a restaurant on site if you needed to stay in and eat rather than go out into town. There are many different restaurants for you to choose from in Johannesburg if you wanted to enjoy fine dining in the evening.

You will find that there are self catering apartments in the city if you like to be where all the action is and need to stay in the city centre itself or you can choose from luxury farmhouse guest houses in the countryside that offer self catering for guests. Many of the self catering establishments also give you the option of bed and breakfast or just accommodation, the choice is yours.

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