How beads help you stay on trend

Bohemian is very on trend. It’s little wonder that beads are common place in everything we own, see and desire. They are used in almost every consumer product we buy. From furniture, jewellery, clothing, footwear, accessories such as bags watches and scarves, cushions bedding and other home décor. Beads are also found on obscure items such as mobile phone and laptop cases, stationary, hair styles and even on finger nails as beads are used for popular nail art.

Due to their popularity, you would expect a lot of variety available to suit your every art and crafts needs. From bone, plastic metal and glass beads, crystal drops, seeds, fabric flowers, fresh water pearls and many more.

You’re able to create your own unique design using different styles, shapes and sizes. This gives your product or project a unique feel as your creativity and design choice is boundless. If you have a jewellery making or any other craft making business, you can even have a niche where every single item you produce is unique. Your customers will be proud to own a piece of jewellery, bag or clothing that they know nobody else in the world owns. Beads are therefore great for those wishing to express their individuality and uniqueness.

If you’re an individual and not a company looking to make products with beads. But are a fan of uniqueness, quirkiness and love your arts and crafts. Then you can spruce up any tired looking item in your home by adding a few beads. Or maybe you can’t find what you’re looking for in the shops but have an idea in mind. Then you could buy a plain item such as a tee shirt, standard necklace or cushion then add your own style and design using your preferred choice of beads. Adding a few beads to factory produced goods turns it into a product that nobody else will have. Be proud when people start asking you where you got it from.

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