Quench your guests thirst with smoothie bars

Smoothie bars are a great way to enjoy as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. So it’s not surprising that smoothie bars are popping up on every high street corner. Targeting shoppers who fancy a quick drink stop during the shopping trip.


Smoothie bars attract a wide range of clientèle. From those looking for a smoothie to quench their thirst as well as temporarily keep their stomach satisfied until their next meal. To those on a health kick and looking for a refreshing and healthy drink. To those who fancy something other than teas, coffees, fizzy drinks and water. Or smoothie bars could attract customers who do not have the time or tools to make the smoothies at home. So are looking for one in your smoothie bars.


Many shopping centres and high street stores would be grateful for nearby smoothie bars. Your smoothies will give their potential customers a boost in energy, keeping them shopping for longer. Happier and fuller customers are likely to browse for longer than those who are hungry, low on energy and ready to find somewhere to eat.


Due to a rise in popularity, many event organisers are using mobile smoothie bar hire for their corporate or private event. Smoothie bar hire really impresses your guests by offering an alternative refreshing drink. Impress your guests whether they are health conscious or are simply looking for something different other than the usual alcoholic or soft drink beverages on offer.


Mobile smoothie bars can either come staffed or unstaffed. So there’s no need to worry if you haven’t got enough catering or hosting staff for your party. And you can set up the smoothie bars to either offer a cash bar service or you may want to hand out the smoothies for free.


Smoothie bars should be fully equipped with all your smoothie making needs. With a combination of the latest commercial blend tec blenders and smoothie making technology. Modern equipment means the the smoothies are made in as little time as possible. In turn, keeping the queue lines to a minimum.



Smoothie Bars by smoothiestar.co.uk. Visit their website today if you’re looking for Smoothie Bar Hire.