Online Chemists: 6 Essential Items That You Should Always Keep in Your Medical Cabinet

Every household should have a medical cabinet which is stocked full of medical items that can be used in the event of an emergency. These items could help someone who needs immediate medical assistance. This article takes a look at some of the essential items that you should always keep in your home medical cabinet.


Plasters, also known as band-aids, are extremely useful as they can be used to protect and cover cuts. There is a range of plasters available. A top tip is to purchase a selection box which includes a range of different sized plasters. You can also purchase plasters that have special designs on them which make them more fun for children.


All medical cabinets should stock several types of painkillers. Painkillers are always useful to help to cure a headache, period pain or any other type of pain that you may be experiencing. You can purchase capsules, tablets or dispersible painkillers that dissolve in water.

Antiseptic Cream

Antiseptic cream can be used to clean and sterilize any part of the skin that has been broken. There is antiseptic cream and also antiseptic spray available. Some plasters will come with antiseptic cream impregnated into the plaster.

Antihistamine Tablets

These tablets are useful for allergy sufferers. They can also be taken when an individual has been bitten by an insect and they want to prevent and reduce swelling.

Cough Medicine

Cough medicine can relieve dry and scratchy throats and help to prevent coughing. There are a range of cough medicines available to suit all ages. If you have children then you should keep a special cough medicine that is designed to be used by children in your medical cabinet.

Medicine Cabinet Safety

Always make sure that your medical cabinet cannot be reached by children. You may even want to put a lock on the cabinet to prevent people from accessing it who are not supposed to. Another thing that you can do is to have a regular clear out of all the medications that have gone out of date.



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