A Look at Florist Supplies

Florists require a number of supplies in order to create beautiful flower arrangements. There are so many different types of florist supplies available that it can often be a hard task to know what to choose. This article takes a look at some of the most popular types of supplies, and it explains what each of their uses and benefits are.




Ribbons can add the finishing touches to any floral bouquet. Ribbons are available in a large range of shapes and colours, so you can choose a ribbon to complement almost any style or arrangement. Popular types of ribbon include satin ribbon, organza ribbon, tartan ribbons and balloon ribbon. There are also pre made ribbon bows available to purchase so that you can get a perfect bow every time.


Trug Baskets


Trug baskets are used to transport flowers without damaging them. They are particularly useful if you are collecting flowers from a garden area or from a farmer’s market.


Floral Foam


Floral foam is commonly used by florists. It is made up of a block of material that can be used to hold flower stems in place. The blocks come in all shapes and sizes, so that you can create beautiful table top decorations, vase arrangements, memorials and even wreaths. The floral foam can also be cut into almost any shape. All florists should have a large selection of floral foam ready to work with.




Wire is used to hold the stems of the flowers together. It can also be used to prop up flowers and keep them angled in a certain position. Florist wire is available in a range of colours and thicknesses. You should try and pick a colour that can be easily hidden within the arrangement.


Where to Purchase Florist Supplies


The best place to purchase any of the above supplies is from a specialist online retailer. They will have a website that will allow you to view images and more information on the stock they sell as well as details on how to order. Always choose a trusted and reputable seller to ensure that you will be buying high quality products.



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