Picking the right type of nail art brushes for a variety of finishes

To achieve great looking nails you are going to have to invest in a number of nail accessories. As well as quality varnishes you’ll require a selection of nail art brushes and choosing the right brush for your nails is a critical part of the process. Don’t be tempted to buy cheap nail art brushes to make a few savings because they’ll produce disappointing results. You’ll live to regret your decision if you buy inferior types of brushes and they’ll leave your nails looking tacky. Spend a little more on nail art brushes if you can to achieve professional results. You don’t have to pay a king’s ransom for nail art brushes just make sure you don’t buy them from a local pound store.

Think about the type of nail art brushes you need to create different types of effects. It’s best to buy a few nail accessories if you can so you can experiment with unusual styles. Use small round nail art brushes to create dots on varnish, they’re easier to use for this type of effect. Or you might want to create thin lines on the varnish and long thin nail art brushes are better in these circumstances. You can flick colours from side to side with nail art brushes to create abstract designs. Or create marbling effects using brushes once you’ve mastered the technique. The more you play around with different brushes the more experienced you become and the better your designs look in the end.

Find a decent store that sells nail accessories and gradually build up your collection of brushes. This way you’ll always have a constant supply of nail art brushes when you’re feeling in a creative mood. There are plenty of stores that sell nail art brushes and some of them sell the brushes in sets. This is something you might want to consider if you want to build up a collection of brushes fast. You get a great selection of nail art brushes in pre-packed sets and they’re great for creating a wide range of designs. You’ll find plenty of brushes online so look for low cost stores like wicked-nails.co.uk and stock up on those must-have nail accessories.



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