If you are looking for notebook computers you need advice from independent experts

Are you thinking of buying notebook computers?

If you are thinking of buying a new computer, the choice before you is staggering. Which will suit you better; desk top computers, notebook computers (or laptops), or a tablet? Do you want an Apple or a Windows based machine? What do you need for it to do? The requirements for a machine used purely for gaming and entertainment are very different to those of a machine that only needs to keep the accounts or manage stock, or needs to be used to record music or edit film. Sadly, most retailers will only tell you about the limited stock that they have, or whichever model is on special offer on that day. To make the best choice you need to turn to someone that can offer expert independent advice.

Who can offer independent expert advice on notebook computers?

LivDigital is South Africa’s premier digital lifestyle magazine. It aims to give up to the minute information on technological products and trends, written for all people from all walks of life. The reviews are impartial, independent and objective and written by expert reviewers. If you are looking into buying a new computer, LivDigital will give you the best information on desktop machines, notebook computers, tablets and other mobile devices.

Does LivDigital review anything other than notebook computers?

LivDigital prides itself on looking at all new and emerging technologies. Whether it is photography, mobile phones and tablets, desktop and notebook computers, business technology, software, networking, security, gaming, or the latest innovations in Research and Development, LivDigital will have it covered and more likely than not, have an opinion on it. For more information on the digital products and trends that will change your life in the years to come, visit the LivDigital website at www.livdigital.co.za



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