Staying safe with used cars Aberdeen

Looking for used cars Aberdeen? Scores of drivers invest in second hand cars every year, and with most cars losing around 30% of their value after just a year on the road it’s always possible to get your hands on a nearly new car for a fraction of the price that you would have paid when it first hit the market. However, many drivers have had their fingers in the past after heading down the second hand route. Nonetheless, there are a series of tips that you can take on board to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of bad practices – whether you’re buying from a private seller or a dealership.

Be wary of clocking

Clocking is a particularly controversial practice that has been used by various immoral private sellers and dealers in the past. Because the value of a car can be greatly influenced by the amount of miles that has clocked up when out on the road, it’s not uncommon for some sellers to manipulate their clocks in order to give off the impression that the car that they are selling has run up less miles than it has. Generally, cars run up around 12,000 miles for every year that they are on the road. If the car that you’re looking at appears to have clocked up fewer miles than you might expect, you should look for a good reason as to why this is the case. If you are concerned that the reasons that you are given are dubious, it’s a good idea to walk away and look for alternative deals.

History checks

You can also pay a small fee to run a history check on any used cars Aberdeen that you are interested in. A history check will tell you whether there is any finance owing on the car and whether it has been stolen. The fee that you pay for a history check is relatively minimal but a check can be worth its weight in gold when it comes to putting your mind at rest. You also need to check that the information on the logbook is correct and you may wish to look for evidence of a full service history.

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