Sisal Rugs Will Compliment your Kitchen, Hallway and Conservatory in a Most Natural Way

What is Sisal?

Sisal is a plant which is indigenous to South America and Africa. It yields a stiff, strong fibre, which is commonly used in twine, rope and dartboards. In its woven form, it forms a fabric that is natural, hard-wearing, durable, easy to maintain and relatively inexpensive. Due to these characteristics, Sisal is commonly used in the manufacture of natural-looking rugs.

Sisal Rugs

Sisal rugs have become exceptionally popular in both modern and older homes, to lend both practicality and a natural, earthy look to just about any room in the home. Sisal rugs are becoming commonplace in modern contemporary homes and can contrast beautifully against the shiny white tiles in such homes, for example. The nature of the fabric lends itself to holding dyes well and sisal rugs come in a variety of natural-looking colours. Sisal rugs can each have their own style of weaving, lending individuality to a sisal rug. Sisal can also be easily cut and sisal rugs can be of practically any size and can be shaped to fit any room.

The Natural Rug Company Specialises in Sisal and Other Natural Rugs

There is no better place to get your sisal rug than the people that have been doing natural sisal rugs, seagrass rugs, coir rugs and wool rugs since 2004. The Natural Rug Company make choosing your rug a fun experience and provide you with the perfect opportunity to choose a rug that looks perfect for its intended location in the home. You choose your fabric, the colour, the type of border you want and the size and their skilled craftspeople will hand make the rug to your exact specification. Your rug will be quality control checked and stamped to show its authenticity. To find out more about The Natural Rug Company, just visit or visit their showroom in Fairford.



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