If you’re in the market for a retailer that can offer a selection of the highest performing sports brakes of any retailer in the UK then you need only consider one retailer and that is Nitrac.

Here at Nitrac we offer one simple promise; our sports brakes out-perform any other leading brands. Each of the performance and sports brakes that we have in our catalogue are custom made to ISO: 9001 specifications and use only top quality close-grained cast iron to BS EN 1561:1997.

In addition, each of the sports brakes of our catalogue has undergone rigorous safety testing and quality control. The result is quite simple. The sports brakes of Nitrac feature vastly reduced resistance to warping, cracking, scoring and flaking. In addition these sports brakes have improved thermo-dynamic properties, delivering substantially increased braking performance, and are synonymous with durable wear characteristics for an increased operational life and minimal cost per mile.

Indeed, whether you enjoy participating in racing track days across the UK, or are modifying your car for increased response and safety, the sports brakes that Nitrac can offer you are not only advised, but essential.

Nitrac’s sports brakes have the essential characteristics to withstand even the harshest track day. This is without question. They have been developed with full competition use in mind, and are supplied with a comprehensive lifetime guarantee that protects you against all manner of defects that may occur. In short if you are considering purchasing sports brakes that offer ingenuity and innovation, safety and performance as well as peace of mind, from the track to the road, then the only name to consider is Nitrac.

To find out more information about the selection of vehicle brake solutions that Nitrac can offer you, or indeed to ask any queries of us, then do not hesitate to come and visit: www.nitrac.co.uk.

Sports brakes from nitrac.co.uk. We believe that NITRAC performance brake discs and sports brakes are the best standard fit discs on the European market. Visit us today for performance brakes.