Try a Twin cot and solve space-related issues

Looking for a versatile sleep solution in a child’s bedroom? Take a look at a twin cot it’s a brilliant item of furniture that’s fashionable, funky and flipping brilliant for kids up to 6 years of age. The Twin cot really is an ingenious idea. It’s a space-saving solution that’s great for twins or children of different ages. A Twin cot saves space by cleverly combining two sleep compartments one on top of the other. Bunk cots are similar in design to bunk beds but you have a greater degree of flexibility with a twin cot. They’re perfect for twins that are exactly the same age or you can sleep children of different ages inside the quirky beds.

A Twin cot saves massive amounts of room in your child’s nursery. Place two cots side by side reduce the amount of space you have to play with inside a nursery. You don’t have to worry about this when you invest in Bunk cots. Buy a twin cot and there’s loads of extra space in the nursery which comes in handy as the children get older. Once they become mobile they’ll want extra space to play and explore and a bunk cot gives them more room. A Twin cot is a practical item of furniture that can be converted with ease as your children get older. Use the cot from birth and when your babies grow into infants simply turn the cot into a bunk bed instead.

Buy a Twin cot and it is ideal for two babies that are sharing a room. The Twin cot takes up less floor space which means your kids have loads of extra room to play as they get older. You can choose a natural wood Twin cot or pick plain white versions if you prefer. Either option looks great in a nursery setting and Bunk cots blend in well with other furniture items like wardrobes and chest of drawers. A twin cot sleep solution is perfect for families that have two children that share a bedroom. Kids love sleeping inside double-deck cots and mums and dads love them because they’re sturdy and safe for children to use.



If you have two young children then it makes sense to buy a twin cot sleeping solution. Bunk cots save masses of space and kids will love them. Visit to learn more.