Photography Courses Dublin: How to Clean Your Camera Body and Lens

A camera will require proper care and maintenance to keep it looking great, and also ensure that it functions correctly. When you are cleaning your camera you must take care and follow some simple steps so that you don’t damage it. This article provides some top tips that will help you to safely and effectively clean your camera, plus it will also explain how you can find a photography course in the Dublin area.

It is all too easy for dust, dirt or even grains of sand to become lodged into the body of your camera. You will need to remove these particles as they may work their way into the adjustment dials and cause permanent damage to your camera. The easiest way to do this is to use a dry soft haired brush. You can purchase these from most photography stores or online retailers. If you don’t have a soft bristled brush then you can try using a cotton swab to get to the hard to reach places. If there are still bits of dust stuck you can try using a professional microfibre cloth; these cloths are available from opticians. You should never use any form of chemical thinners on your camera as they can damage the body and lens.

The lense needs to be cleaned very carefully to avoid scratching. Only ever clean your lens when it really needs it. It will need cleaning if you can see faint fingerprint marks, or dust in the lens. These will be oily and acidic so they will require immediate cleaning. You will also need to clean it if you get sea water droplets on the lens as the salt can damage the lens too. Use your microfibre cloth to gently wipe the lense clean.

If you are looking for a photography course in the Dublin area then you can try searching online for course provider’s websites. To do this simply type ‘photography courses Dublin’ into your search engine. You can then browse through the top results until you find a course that you like the look of.

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