Advice on Used Cars for Sale in Scotland

When you’re looking for used cars for sale in Scotland, you may find yourself torn between buying from a dealer or a private seller. Whilst a private seller may offer lower rates, you may find that if anything goes wrong later, the person that sold you the car may be unwilling to co-operate. Private sellers are legally permitted to sell you a car in any condition, as long as faults are explained to you. However, if problems are not outlined, you may find it hard to prove that the seller didn’t tell you about them. With a dealer, you are generally far more protected in the event that issues arise later, which can make a dealership a more attractive choice.

Looking for Quality

Nonetheless, there are some less than scrupulous dealers around, so it does make sense to take your time to find a reputable one. You could start by asking friends and family members for recommendations and looking for online reviews to get a consensus. Many dealerships are part of large networks that they do face being kicked out of if they are found to slipping in standards. This means that they often have a high reputation to protect, so it’s in their best interests to offer the highest possible level of customer care.

Feeling Confident

If a dealer says that they are a member of a trade association, you can contact the association directly to check that these claims are true. Whoever you’re buying used cars for sale in Scotland from; it’s never wise to rush into a purchase. You’ll need to ensure that you fully understand the terms and conditions of the purchase and may also find it reassuring to run a car history check. You should check that the information on the logbook/V5C document is genuine, view the car in light and dry conditions and take it for a test drive. Furthermore, if you’ve never bought a second hand car before, you might find it useful to take a more experienced driver with you to get a second opinion from. Any car that a dealer sells you has to be fully roadworthy too.

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