Grow your own produce inside Greenhouse tunnels

Greenhouse tunnels aren’t new to the market, go back to the 1970s and the first shoots of tunnel farming were beginning to grow. It wasn’t long until the popularity of greenhouse tunnels started to spread as more and more people begin to understand the complexities of hydroponics. Greenhouse tunnels enable gardeners to grow what they want when they like, tunnel farming takes place throughout the year. There are no seasonal limitations to eco tunnels, just plant what you like and enjoy the beauty of home grown produce on your doorstep. You have the final say in what you grow inside greenhouse tunnels and can feed the entire family throughout the year. So if you fancy growing your own produce and think Greenhouse tunnels are the future, here’s what you need to know.

Greenhouse tunnels are super strong systems that are easy to build and simple to maintain. You can buy everything you need to make your greenhouse tunnels from eco sites that specialise in tunnel farming. Most Greenhouse tunnels are bought in simple to assemble kits and the come with a manual that shows you what goes where. Basically the Greenhouse tunnels are created out of a plastic frame that is firmly anchored to the ground. The frame on eco tunnels is sturdy and strong and it has a life span of around 50 years. Plastic sheeting is fixed to the frame and this also has a long lifespan, typically you can expect it last for upwards of 10 years.

Erect greenhouse tunnels following the manual that is provided and once your structure is complete you can install a hydroponics system. You can normally buy these from the same company that sells the eco tunnels, especially if they are passionate about tunnel farming. Get your hydroponics system up and running and you are ready to start growing anything you like. People grow vegetables, flowers and herbs inside greenhouse tunnels, you could start your own chilli farm or have a go at growing marrows if you prefer. It’s not difficult to grow plants or vegetables inside Greenhouse tunnels and you’ll have tons of fun in the process.

Cultivate whatever you like with greenhouse tunnels from Even traditional gardeners are starting to be swayed by the amazing results of tunnel farming and hydroponics.

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