Keep your lifts running with essential lift maintenance

Lifts are essential to provide access to all floors in your building. Regular lift maintenance ensures your lift is fit for purpose and prone to fewer breakdowns than lifts that are not regularly maintained.

One of the most common problems of lift repair is overloading of the lift. Most lifts have a maximum weight load which should be adhered to all the time. Overloading the lift with excessive weight puts a strain on the power and lift mechanism. Regular lift maintenance checks these mechanisms are in good working order and the cables are in good condition.

Misusing the lifts can cause the lifts to break down and stop working. Lifts can stop mid way between each floor or not move at all, refuse to open trapping people inside amongst many other problems. Lifts that are out of order causes major inconvenience to all users in the buildings particularly if there are no other lifts or if you’re on the top floor. This can be a serious health and safety risk if there is no other wheelchair access facilities.

Therefore regular lift maintenance can prevent the problems from occurring in the first place. Lift maintenance can include renewing or replacing worn or non functioning lift components. These must be replaced quickly and effectively to get your lifts up and running as quickly as possible. Replacing worn components before they cause the lift to stop completely ensures your lifts do not stop working and minimises disruption.

Lift maintenance can be carried out as part of a planned regular maintenance contract. or in case of emergency, lift maintained can be completed as an emergency call out. Any type of lift maintenance service should ensure your lift operates in accordance with the latest safety regulations. To prevent any risk to injury or health and safety by keeping your lift and its parts in top working condition. Whether it’s replacing minor or major parts. Upgrades are essential to cost effective and reliable lift maintenance.



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