Why Think About Weight When Buying a Wheelchair

Like in many countries, in the UK, there are tens of thousands of wheelchair users. As the population of the UK ages, their numbers are increasing year on year. More and more people are becoming reliant on wheelchairs and mobility scooters to get out and about and to lead their day to day lives.

Without good quality wheelchairs, a significant percentage of the UK’s population would have much narrower lives. Fortunately, there are a lot of good wheelchairs to choose from. However, there is a problem with many of them, and that is that they are very heavy.

When it Comes to Wheelchairs Weight Matters

Many people do not understand that weight can be important when buying a wheelchair. As a result, it is not something most people ask about when they buy their first wheelchair. However, by the time they get round to buying their next one they understand that it is an important consideration, so tend to take it into account.

There are several reasons why the weight of a wheelchair is important. The first consideration is how it affects the ability for the wheelchair to be propelled. Usually the heavier the wheelchair is the harder it will be to push or propel. It becomes especially tricky when it comes to negotiating even small kerbs.

The other situation where weight becomes important is when the wheelchair is folded up. Most people have ordinary cars, so need to put the folded up chair into the boot. This is hard for someone who is young and fit, but the majority of carers are themselves quite elderly. The lighter the chair is, once folded, the easier it will be to put into a boot.

Finding a Good Quality Lightweight Wheelchair

However, it is important for a wheelchair to be strong too. This means that you need to buy your lightweight wheelchair from a reputable firm. The best firms only sell good quality wheelchairs that meet all safety standards. They will tell you how heavy a wheelchair is and advice you about which lightweight wheelchairs will meet all of your needs.

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