Show Homes and Home Staging

If you have property to sell or let getting home staging right is critical, especially at the moment. There are fewer buyers out there, so you have to wow the buyer. They have so much choice, that the property you are selling really has to stand out and literally take their breath away. This will not happen unless you stage the properties you have for sale or for rent. A empty or poorly furnished property will appeal to far few potential tenants or buyers. The way a property is furnished and finished will have a big impact on how quickly it will sell or rent out.

Setting the Scene

To sell a property successfully you need to get into the head of the people you are trying to sell the property to. If your property is in an affluent part of town, you need to furnish it with high-end furniture. Whereas, Ikea style furniture will work far better in a more middle class area.

However, do not make the mistake of using last year’s style of furnishings, even if your property is in a less affluent area. People of all backgrounds are very tuned into modern trends, and you need to appeal to the fact that everyone is aspirational. When people move home, they want to take a step up, not down.

You need to stage the property in a way that makes them desire it, but not go so far that they feel it is unattainable. You are trying to make them feel ‘I could see myself/us living here’ the moment they walk in the door.

You may be tempted to show a property unfurnished. This is never a good idea. Few people have the vision to see the potential in an empty room, so most people switch off completely when shown an empty property.

The Most Practical Way to Stage a Property

However, staging a home is not cheap. Furniture costs money. Of course, you can buy used furniture, but remember you are creating a dream, an aspirational vision. This means that the furniture cannot look worn or tired.

A far better approach is to hire the furniture you need to dress or stage a property. It is relatively cheap to do so, extremely easy and the furniture is always on trend and flawless.

If you have a property, or properties, you want to stage or turn into a show home visit the website. We specialise in hiring out furniture for property staging.