The features that make VIP coach travel a pleasure

Take a trip on a normal coach and you can’t wait to get off. Settle back in your seat with VIP coach travel and you feel totally relaxed. The whole emphasis of VIP coach travel is to cater for your every need. You don’t feel like it’s a burden when you enjoy VIP coach travel, short or long journeys are a pleasure. Nothing is too much trouble with luxury coach travel; it follows the same standards as a first-class flight. Journeys feel shorter thanks to VIP coach travel and you arrive at your destination feeling totally refreshed. It’s a pleasure to take a trip with VIP coach travel and once you have enjoyed a journey on a luxury coach you don’t want to travel any other way.

VIP coach travel raises the bar. In fact, it doesn’t just raise the bar, it provides you with a fully stocked bar as standard! Get snugly in a cozy leather seat and enjoy your favourite tipple whilst on the move. VIP coach travel enables you to quaff fine wines, champagne and a choice of optics whilst on the move. It’s a great way to while away the travel time whilst you are heading to your destination. Plus you can watch sky television on the go, eat a platter of sandwiches if you get hungry, or plug your laptop into the one of the many 240v sockets provided to finalise business documents on the move. And if you want to freshen-up simply pop into the immaculate washroom facilities onboard the VIP coach travel and spend a penny or powder your nose. Create comfort is exceptional on luxury coach travel and journeys are safe and enjoyable.

The whole aim of VIP coach travel is to get you from point A to point B in comfort and style. Your driver is smartly dressed and they are vastly experienced and highly skilled behind the wheel. You feel safe in their hands and that adds to the pleasure of VIP coach travel. A hostess service is provided with VIP coach travel and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the journey, wherever you are going. Every aspect of VIP coach travel is tailored to your needs and that’s what makes luxury coach travel extra special.



VIP coach travel is your chance to travel in comfort and style. At you can book luxury coach travel on vehicles fitted with leather seats, a full bar and a range of entertainment options.